Halt’s Maul und Spiel – wie bitte? Was soll das heißen?

  • Wer? Tenacious D – iTunesAmazon (MP3)
  • Wann? 03.11.2002
  • Wo? Brixton Academy, London
  • Vor? Double Team

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Jack Black: “Thank you!
Kyle Gass: “You guys are awesome!
Jack Black: “This is our last song! Oh, you feel cheated? I know, it’s difficult to say goodbye to the D. It’s always difficult to say goodbye to the ones you love!
I’ve just made a rainbow connection.. i’m not telling you with whom. She’s miiine, motherfucker!
Where did she go? – No.. uh, i like you too. – She totally ran away, she ran at top speed.

Kyle Gass: “Doesn’t matter..
Jack Black: “It really doesn’t matter, KG.. ’cause it is anything but slim pickings tonight.
You see that look in KG’s eyes, when he looks at you like that? Does that bother you? When he gives you the psycho-peepers?
Don’t be scared! A lot of women run away, in fear. He’s just trying to communicate with you. Psychopathecaleticaly.
What? What the f…’s going on? What are you, 15? You’re too small, we throw you back to the ocean, with you.
It don’t matter, KG, there’s a lot of possible backstage betties in the audience tonight.