Remember those web forums?
The big thing before everybody became a blogger..
Well, personally I’m still using them a lot. Of course, my signature includes a link to my blog. I bet that most of you also have their blog linked in a forum signature – “Visit my great blog”.
Yeah, great catch phrase.. but no matter how great your link-text is, people will get used to it. As soon as they are used to your link they won’t click it anymore – so what to do? Try out a new catch phrase every week?
What about this: Apart from the default link to your blog you could also give them a link to your most recent entry – together with it’s title, category, publishing date, comment count..
And you don’t have to do anything, even with multiple forums.
bbSigPress automatically updates your signatures when you publish a new post.

Warning: This plugin is still in a very early beta state! It mostly works, but problems may occur! Use with caution!

Please take a look at the first steps if you’re not sure how to use the plugin.

StatPress Reloaded


StatPress Reloaded continues the work of Danielle Lippi, author of the original StatPress. Unfortunately he hasn’t been shwoing a sign of life in the past months and there have been several issues concerning the plugin.

My original idea was to create a central place for collecting updates and bugfixes to his plugin here in my blog, but quickly i was getting convinced that the better way to deal with it was to re-release it as an “own” plugin. All credits so far still go to Danielle – we will see how well my work will turn out. ;)

For a description of what the plugin does, please use the text provided on the site for now, at the moment I rather focus on rewriting the plugin, not its description.

To deal with problems, critics, suggestions and such like, please visit the discussion board I set up for this purpose.

If you would like to donate, you can use this Paypal link. But i’m very happy when you simply drop me a line about how you like the project as I’m surely not doing it for money but for the sake of the, in my eyes, great plugin.